Q. What should I/we wear?
It is best to avoid clothes with logos or distracting patterns. It is most important to wear something that you feel comfortable in and that you feel represents you. It is also a good idea to layer clothes. For families, I always recommend coordinating clothing colors rather than matching. Feel free to bring changes of clothes to the session. I have a portable changing tent that can be used to change privately on-location.

Q. What should I/we bring to our session?
Bring extra clothes, accessories, makeup for touch-ups, and some water. If you have a little one that will be accompanying you in the photos, consider bringing some toys, snacks, and tissues/baby wipes.

Q. How long does it take to receive the photos?
It will take approximately 1 week to receive up to 12 images. Additional images may take longer, but will not exceed 2 weeks. In some rare circumstances, orders may take a bit longer for me to edit, but you will know up-front if this will happen.

Q. Where do you take photos?
I typically shoot outdoors, but I also have an in-home studio option available (see "Do you have a studio?"). I primarily shoot around the Phoenix area, but I am always open to travel. Depending on distance, some locations may require an additional travel fee.

Q. Do you have a studio?
I do not have a dedicated studio, however, I do offer in-home studio sessions. I have a full studio system including backgrounds and lights that can be set up in your home or office with little required space (depending on how many people will be in the images). This type of session is usually best for couples or individuals. If you are looking for a full family session, a studio space can be rented for an additional fee.

Q. If I already have the digital images and a print release, why should I purchase prints through you?
Although I provide a print release with every digital image I sell, I still recommend purchasing prints directly through me for the best color-match guarantee. The colors from another printing source are more likely to be inaccurate. When I edit photos, I do so on a color-calibrated monitor so I can be 100% sure that the color I am seeing is what I want. When you print your images, they go through an autocorrect procedure where the printer adjusts the color to what it thinks is "accurate". The printer I go through provides a thing called ICC profiles. These allow me to see on my calibrated screen how the prints will look, so I can adjust any colors as needed to make sure they come out 100% accurate. Additionally, by having me take care of the printing process, you will not have to worry about dealing with printing imperfections. If I get the images and anything is wrong, I am the one who will take care of it. You can just simply be worry-free as you wait for your prints to arrive by mail.

Q. How long is a session?

Sessions are booked for up to an hour.

Q. In general, how do your sessions work?
Once a session, date, and location is agreed upon, I send out an invoice to pay a $100 retainer to hold your session. The $100 is applied towards the cost of your session, so it is not an additional fee. On the day of your session, we will meet up, and I will have you sign a portrait agreement and pay the remainder of your session fee. Then we move on to the fun part of shooting! Afterwards, I head home and begin editing your images in which I correct things like color, exposure, and take care of skin blemishes. I then take the finished images and put them in a password-protected gallery for you where you can download them.

Q. Can I get my images on a DVD?
Yes. You can burn the images to a DVD yourself with the digital files, or you can have me create a specialized DVD that I can send to you ($20 charge).

Q. Are there any additional fees I should be aware of?
Aside from the session fee and the cost of the images, the only other fee to be aware of is a possible travel fee. If your session will require a travel fee, I will make sure to tell you up front when I send the invoice to pay the retainer.

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